What are Book Reviews? And Why Should You Care?

What are Book Reviews?

In this video I will be reviewing some of the books that have been apart of changing my life, as a result, they helped with my struggle with addiction, they helped me grow spiritually and they have been apart of helping shape me into the complete man. In this video, I will be reviewing some of the books that I have read. What are Book Reviews? And Why Should You Care? A book review can be a primary source opinion, A book review's length may vary from a single quote, paragraph, or chapter, one of the reasons I believe you should...

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Self-Published Authors

15 Actionable Self-published Authors Tips That Work Like a Charm Would you like to receive some FREE information that has been used, tried, and has worked like a charm? I was told that I can sell all the information that I obtained during my process of not only wanting to write a book but also reaping some money off of my book since I gave up my sleep to complete the book, but I decided that I would rather give the knowledge to my other self-published authors for free and help stop someone else from wasting their money. All authors would love...

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How to get your book Featured

How to get your book Featured-3

How to get your book Featured Run How to get your book FeaturedLeonard Smithson and his Rossdale High School relay teammates are ready for a huge senior season. After second-place finishes at State two-years in a row, the Rossdale sprint relay members are ready to win it all in their final season. No one is going to get in their way. … Except themselves. The relay teammates like to have fun. Sometimes too much. This time, they go too far while messing around with Alex Summers, one of the Special Olympics athletes who share the track for practice twice a week. They...

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