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The Minor Adjustments Program

Adjustments Program
 Notable works

1. Pushed Out the Crack House into God’s House:

A bestselling spiritual guide to staying hopeful and inspired

The recovery from drug addiction is challenging and tough. But how do you keep going? Whether your past holds you back or find yourself astray on the ways of addiction, then this book is the only guide for enlightenment you need. Typifying the real-life story of Michael, this addresses the struggles, issues and hardships faced in finding the true purpose of life. Feeling hopeless? Grab your copy and lead your life in Jesus Christ’s way.

2. My Purpose is greater than my struggles:

Your guide to staying motivated towards life goals and objectives

Whether you are a believer of God or not, finding the one true life purpose is all you need to achieve your life goals. The book speaks volumes about discovering the right path and passion. Guiding you with the purpose-driven principles, the book holds valuable life lessons that will surely enable you to take action on working towards your life goals.

3. I’m A Believe: I Am What I Am:

A token of appreciation and tribute to all the believers

The book is dedicated to all the believers, reminding them of the authority and power that Jesus Christ has bestowed upon them. The book tells the believer to put their trust in the power of God, and once they realize that God Almighty is the most trustworthy, there will be no limit to their potential and power. Guiding the believers to become the God-inside-minded, the book is all you need to revive and solidify your faith in the power of God.

Notable works