Jesus gave me sin

Would Jesus give me SIN

Would Jesus give me SIN? Good day and God bless you, recently I posted a question on YouVersion Bible Reading and it resulted in (339 Comments), I asked the question Would Jesus give us SIN? I am asking because some say drinking wine is a Sin.  Allow me to first set a disclaimer here for you, I don't drink any wine, and I don't look at any other Christain any different that do drink wine, the reason why I am saying this is because a lot of people think when you are saying something and looking for answers that you are looking...

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Minor Adjustments: “Anywhere But Backward”

START THIS 8-DAY PLAN TODAY AND PLEASE SHARE IT! If you are in bondage to something and it seems that you can’t overcome it, then this plan was designed with you in mind. Michael Williams Jr. was in bondage to drugs for 22 years, then one day he totally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit then led him to make some “Minor Adjustments,” which he recorded with the hope that it’ll help you in your deliverance. If you are going to get something you never got, you will have to do something you never did. Mr. Williams said that...

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Your Purpose Is Greater Than Your Struggles

START 4-DAY PLAN TODAY AND PLEASE SHARE! Do you wake up every day not wanting to just exist, but wanting to live on purpose? Do you wholeheartedly want to please God, but knowing that you struggle in a particular area you don’t feel worthy to do what God has called you to do? Learn from author Michael L. Williams Jr. that the things you struggle with are the only things powerful enough to ignite your purpose! What are you struggling with today? Is it a sickness? Is it other people’s opinions? Is it an identity crisis? Is it unbelief? Is it a sin?...

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