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Relationship Goals versus Religion Goals

Relationship Goals versus Religion Goals

One day my wife came home and placed a book on the table for me and on the book cover it had these words ”Don’t Quit Relationship Goals verses Religious GoalsYour Day Dream” I opened the book expecting to read something awesome dealing with dreams but to my surprise the pages were empty. I said to myself ”How did she know I was empty, did my emptiness show, could she smell it, did someone tell her?”

The reason these thoughts were in my head was that around that same time I had started to operate on autopilot, systematic or traditional with my relationship with God, what that means is I put my Relationship Goals versus Religion Goals and I was basically running and operating on empty, I was mainly functioning off of my enthusiasm, not my anointing and my enthusiasm started to run out or wear down I had unknowing shifted and traded my relationship goals into religious goals. (SEE VIDEO HERE: Go to 9:50 of this video when I discussed my enthusiasm versus being filled with the Holy Spirit).

Where the Relationship started

In order to understand what I am saying let me give you a brief synopsis of my life, for 22 years of it I spent in and out of prisons and drug rehabilitation centers (Please see my life story here) I was addicted to crack cocaine and heroin from the age of 16 to 38, that all ended for me in August 2009, that’s when I allowed Jesus Christ into my life and he delivered me and started to direct me to my purpose.

The first time I acknowledge that he was speaking to me I was watching television in a drug rehabilitation center. There was a man on there preaching and he said these three words ”Anywhere but Backward” those words came through that man and his name was Bishop T.D. Jakes, the words ”Anywhere but Backward” resonated with me, went down inside my soul and regenerated spirit.

From henceforward day after day, I made it my goal to build a relationship with the person who delivered me. He gave me a purpose for living. Everything that I did was factored around my relationship goals and not my religious goals. At some point, I got lost and started doing things religiously.

When my wife put the book on the table, one reason she thought it would be good for me. It was due to the subject matter of this post Relationship Goals versus Religion Goals. Her relationship with Jesus Christ and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit allowed her the ability to help her husband. It helped me make the shift back to my relationship with God.

I started writing in this book on August 25, 2016, and everything that I put in the book was factored around my relationship goals and not my religious goals some have been inspired by Bible verses, things seen, things overheard, or things I was going through, nonetheless I will share them with you and prayerfully they can help someone just as they have helped me.

  • When we have a relationship goal mindset we realize that we are chosen by God.
  • When we have a religious goal mindset we carry out spiritual tasks trying to
    get chosen by God.

 Write in a book for yourself all the words that I have spoken to you. ~Jeremiah 30:2

Page 1 of The Book

  • Many people have been down and called on the Lord for help, he hears their groaning and he blesses them but soon after they turn away from God, those individuals believed that they pulled one over on God but actually God blessed them QUICKLY to get them out the way because they had religious goals, not relationship goals. ~ Exodus 6:1-8 

  • The enemy will try and use things that you go through to derail you from your God-given purpose. Having a relationship goal mindset versus a religious goal mindset can prevent you from falling for that trap.

  • The Lord is infinitely more concerned with the purity of his people than with their prosperity.

  • Do you know why a lot of people go back to what God called them out from? Because they have become their own counselors and whenever a person becomes their own counselor they will always take their own advice. ~Isaiah 47:10
  • If God would have done for them what he did for you, they would’ve repented long ago. (Change Direction) ~ Matthew 11:22

  • Sometime pride will make a person miss out on a blessing from God if that blessing comes from a person the receiver doesn’t want to give credit.

  • Never mistake “Busy” for “Effective”, there is a thing called Good and Bad Success ~Joshua 1:8

  • You can be an imperfect person and still be used by God in a mighty way. If God knows his glory is safe in your hands. God will use any person when he knows his glory is safe in their hands.

  • You can receive more by walking in the finish works of Jesus Christ than you can from trying to perform to get a blessing. ~ John 2:5, Ephesians 2:10
  • Lord, I can’t do what you called me to do. Nor can I stay away from the things you don’t want me to do. In order for me to do any of those things. I need you to teach me how to totally depend on you. It’s the only way for it to get done. ~Psalms 62:5

Page 2 of The Book

  • Anything that you hear that’s negative it’s not from God; God always flows or focus on the positive. Always remember he chose you. ~Philippians 4:8-9, John 15:16
  • We believe that the more we do the more chances God would use us in a great way. The Lord said a full calendar is a recipe for disaster. It’ll take away your social life, sex life, and even the time to sit in silence with me.

  • Ministry burnout can happen when a minister tries to do other people’s work. ~Luke 9:2-6, Ephesians 4:16

  • You will never reach the level where everyone will stop judging you for your past. You will always have at least one person who will always see you as the person you used to be. ~Matthew 13:55

  • Your anointing came with the abilities to destroy any struggles, issues, or bondage you may have. God has already supplied you with the power, but you have to hit the switch. ~ 1 John2:20, Isaiah 10:27

  • You have to take God off your list, there is nobody like him. ~Isaiah 46:9

  • You can never exhaust God’s blessings (Resources).~Genesis 25:11, John 4:14, Ephesians 3:8, Isaiah 54:1-4

  • When you don’t seem to get a regular opportunity to speak be mindful that you don’t try and say everything God told you when you do get the chance to speak.

  • Why are you trying to stay tied to where you are when the Lord has need of you? ~Luke 19:31

  • Never expect someone to have a passion for something God gave you the passion for. God will send you the help you need you won’t have to find them. ~ Numbers 11:17

  • You are impregnated with GREATNESS, impregnate means to soaked or saturated something with a substance.

    Prayer: Ask the Lord to teach you how to transfer what’s inside you too your outside life.

    Prayer: Ask the Lord what’s hindering you from receiving all his benefits. ~ Psalms 103:2

If you would like more Relationship Goals versus Religion Goals from this book leave me a comment.

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Michael L. Williams, Jr. is a minister, renowned abuse counselor, and ten-times published author, he is a solicitor of those struggling with drug addiction and criminal lifestyle and inclinations.

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