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15 Actionable Self-published Authors Tips That Work Like a Charm

Would you like to receive some FREE information that has been used, tried, and has worked like a charm? I was told that I can sell all the information that I obtained during my process of not only wanting to write a book but also reaping some money off of my book since I gave up my sleep to complete the book, but I decided that I would rather give the knowledge to my other self-published authors for free and help stop someone else from wasting their money.

Self-Published-AuthorsAll authors would love to hear that the words they wrote in their books have helped someone in their life journey at one point in time, but no matter how many of those we receive we can’t take them to the bank, which means we can’t pay our bills. It’s a proven fact that most self-published author is willing to go broke and spend a lot of money on their book projects because they believe in what they have written would eventually sale, but it’s also true that those same authors never receive the amount of money they invested back.

So I decided to document things that I did that worked, I didn’t put in my list the things that didn’t (maybe you can write about that) this list is not in any particular order it’s just some of the things I did and some of the company I used, at this time allow me to put in a disclaimer about any company or person you see on my list, I cannot speak to other people’s experience with anyone that’s listed, I can only speak to my experiences if you had any bad experiences with anyone that’s listed then maybe next time just use my name, no I’m just joking let’s read, Market and Sell more Book. Please understand that I didn’t do all these at once I did them as I was able to pay for the services I couldn’t do on my own, if you have one person or company to do this for you then you are doing better than me.

Author’s Michael Mickey Williams Jr Self-Published-Authors

Master Class 2020

How to Market and Sell more Book

1. Overall marketing strategy

I am a ten-time self-published author and it took me a very long time to learn this very important lesson, “YOU MUST HAVE A STRATEGY” for your book.

Since 2014, the book masters have been providing services to help thousands of people make their mark in the industry. They aim to provide a platform for authors, no matter if you are at the beginning of your career, already established, or writing for fun. They have an UNLIMITED amount of services for authors, they did my book cover, editing, website, social media platform, and more importantly, what I love the best is when I didn’t understand things or I wanted something changed they listened and changed it. I recommend them.

2. Book Description:

I don’t know if you noticed it or not but your book description is very important, I always research the people in my particular field not to copy them because I have my particular style, but I research because I love to learn and improving wherever I make be incompetent. What I discovered about myself and my books was badly written book description, that’s not the case now (See my book description here). Do you want to maximize your book sales with the Best-Selling book description? Are you ready to Destroy Your Competitors by converting Traffic into Sales? I know you are, so just keep reading…Book Description in one of those things that serious buyers read every time before purchase. And if you nail this part perfectly, the sale is almost in your pocket! The link above is to the person that wrote all of mine.

3. Promo Teaser Video:


I have noticed that promo teaser videos are a great feature to use, I have one for my books (PROMO VIDEO), and for my non-profit business called Minor Adjustments, there a list of individuals to use for this type of service the two that I used are listed above.


I have never known about keywords before, keywords are highly searched topic related phrases that you research and include in your book description, they increase the ranking of the book. Whomever you use for the book description or if you do it yourself, conduct keyword research, there are a host of different sites that you can use free tools to help with book sales.

5. Book this Author contact Page:

I remember going to this particular website and the website was AWESOME, and I really wanted to hire the person, but to my surprise, it wasn’t anywhere on the website to book the person, I couldn’t believe it, so I went on to social media and finally got in touch with the individual and I informed him about the situation and he said he depends on others to have that covered and he never had any idea that there wasn’t a way to book him. He thanked me and unknowingly provided me with free service, he taught me to make sure you have a contact page:)

6. Same Name and Photo on all site:

This is another thing that I noticed has been a great resource for me, it doesn’t seem important but we live in a world today if people are looking for you on social media and can’t found you in a really quick amount of time they will found someone, but it may not be you, please make it easy for them to find you. The name may be hard to keep if you have a common name but you sure can keep the same photo.

7. Author website:

This is very important as well because I’ve learned that when people see that an author has a website they ask themselves a few questions,

  1. Who is this person that they have their own website?
  2. Remember it’s about branding, just as you bye things according to branding, readers do the exact same thing.

So If you aren’t able to pay a company to do your website then here is a link to help you you create your own.

8. Google marketing campaign:

Advertising with Google Ads starts with creating a campaign. The type of campaign you choose to create should be based on your advertising goals. For example, if you’d like to show ads on to get more visitors to your website, you should choose a Search Network campaign. Each advertising network has different types of campaigns to suit your goals.

9. Social Media Marketing campaign:

Facebook’s Ad Campaign is a minefield for lead generation as well as ad recall. When applied correctly, sustained direct response messaging related to the feed can help drive leads in a cost-effective way and also help boost brand favorability! I read an article titled: What is a social media campaign? How to increase social sales, it has helped me a lot again there are a lot of places to go but this helped me a lot.

10. Website on-page optimization and SEO:

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is the process of increasing your website’s visibility and likeliness to be found in search engines. This is important, look for good companies to help you with this. I listed a company that has a lot to offer, they did my site and I strongly recommend them.


12. Do kindle book promotion to bring readers traffic

There are a lot of people and places to do these promotions, I am only able to give you the places and peop[le I have tried.

13. Blast your book everywhere at once.

This site has a

14. Free Featured Authors

Locate places or people that will feature your book for FREE I do this twice a year for authors:) Save the link and when it is live again you can submit your book. This is mainly for my Self-Published-Authors

15. More than Amazon:

I don’t know if you understand that there are more places to sell a book than amazon, Draft2Digital has been the best place to publish your books to any question you have about there services you can have the question answered here. I had all my concerned answered from them, the one I liked the most was, they don’t make any money if I don’t make any money:), take a look at my author’s page 

If you are a self-published author who has put your book to the side due to lack of sales, please join our team, and let’s help each other. If you know someone who has put their book to the side due to a lack of sales, please direct them to this site to join our team. 

If you have anything to add to this list please feel free to leave comments and links to your information on Self-Published Authors.

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Godly wisdom says trials will mature you

Wisdom vs Wisdom 1 Corinthians 1:26-31, 3:19  God will turn around and use the foolish things Worldly wisdom says trials

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