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How to get your book Featured

How to get your book Featured


How to get your book FeaturedLeonard Smithson and his Rossdale High School relay teammates are ready for a huge senior season. After second-place finishes at State two-years in a row, the Rossdale sprint relay members are ready to win it all in their final season. No one is going to get in their way. … Except themselves. The relay teammates like to have fun. Sometimes too much.

This time, they go too far while messing around with Alex Summers, one of the Special Olympics athletes who share the track for practice twice a week. They try to run away from Alex but he catches them; So does their coach, who punishes them with running. Lots of running. What happens next, though, is a surprise for the relay members.

Alex wants a chance to race for a spot on the team. He loves to run and he loves to run fast. Leonard knew Alex was fast, but no one really knew how fast until the race off. Will Leonard and his teammates be accepting of their new teammate? Will they even stick around to give him a chance? To them, at least to start, Alex is just another obstacle in their way of a State title.

In fact, they learn, he is not that different from them and he may just be the key to getting a State Championship.* 50 cents of every book will go to the Special Olympics

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Amazing adventures in hearing God’s voice: Effortless and intimate conversations with your Creator are easier than you think!

WANTED: Ordinary people to embark on amazing adventures in hearing   God’s voice.

It is so exciting to hear His voice, especially for those who haven’t learned how to hear His voice before. Have you ever wished you could just sit down and have a long talk with your heavenly Father? No more feeling that your prayer has hit the ceiling and bounced back to you, leaving you worried, sad, frustrated, and angry. At such times, have you ever raised your fist at God and demanded, “Where are You? Are You listening to me? Don’t You care about me and what I am going through? If you have ever been in such a situation (which I am sure many of us have), then this book is for you.

Imagine that you have just finished a job interview and you spoke with someone in the lift. This person casually mentioned that this company doesn’t look after the welfare of their staff.

Imagine that you have to make a rushed decision about a business opportunity. Someone prayed for you and suddenly you realized that God does not push but gently leads you to a decision.

Are these “coincidences” or is God trying to tell you something about your future? How can you know?  How do you get answers for every area of your life??

Let “Amazing adventures in hearing God’s voice” book show you keys to:

  • recognize His voice so that you can build an intimate relationship with Him through dialogue with Him and not just by studying the Scripture.
  • inquire of the Holy Spirit to receive His guidance before making important and life-changing decisions.
  • progress from fear and doubt to confidence where you can discern when God is speaking to you anywhere, any time and you can ask Him about anything that concerns your life.
  • remove worry, fear, and confusion as you learn to receive the “Rhema” word from God in every circumstance that you face.
  • move beyond having a theology that God loves you and gives you peace and joy to, hearing your Creator whisper words of love, joy, and peace into your heart daily.
  • prosper in the ministry that God has given you without feeling burdensome, stressed, or overworked.


About the Book

Small and surrounded on all sides is a country named Gyges. Magic is known by everyone, but the title of mage is only given to those who have a slight mastery of the arts. Alder is a young man who has always been second best to a girl known as “the prodigy,” who Just so happens to be his teacher. Here, we follow them on a magic-filled adventure as they try to reach for their own personal heights while trying not to be consumed on the path to power. Though in the kingdom of Gyges, dark clouds loom in the distance. Hopefully, Alder has what it takes to overcome any obstacles that come his way.

About the Author

Derek Dyer entered the literary world just like many others out there, with his parents reading to him before sleep. While Derek grew up, he was naturally attracted to fantastical stories, adventures, and exploring nature. This led to an overactive imagination. From there, Derek began to write short stories that, for the benefit of the public, should never be revealed. During high school, Derek was able to write out his thoughts clear enough to show others. Thanks to encouraging teachers, family, and friends, Derek never gave up the desire to share the worlds he created, thus leading to the decision of publishing Alder, the first of many to come.

  • Yuuto Yukimura

The Naked Truth

From just a pregnant teen to now fulfilling her dreams, author La-Tasha J. Summerlin chronicles her life as a kid who almost had it all, a teenager who lost all she had, an adolescent who gained it back and gives the perfect depiction of a woman rising to the top according to her own rules. The Naked Truth brings a focal point on the good, the bad, and the ugly while helping others, especially teenagers, to be honest, enough to admit their faults, brave enough to let faith lead the way, and courageous enough to act on the belief that they’re worthy. Unafraid to tell the whole truth, La-Tasha is using her story to give a sense of hope to those who desire to have a second chance at creating a better life despite their mistakes along the way and the hurtful actions and opinions of loved ones.

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How to get your book Featured

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Michael L. Williams, Jr. is a minister, renowned abuse counselor, and ten-times published author, he is a solicitor of those struggling with drug addiction and criminal lifestyle and inclinations.

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