Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story!

He may be living at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, but with the help of a friend, Lavar Queen has published his first novel, “Maven Bloodmoon.”

It’s a science fiction and fantasy story about a special agent, Queen said. He likes to write comic book stories and would like to find an illustrator to collaborate with, he said.

The 31-year-old Atlantic City native has been creating characters and writing stories with his friends since the sixth grade, and he is still a big fan of Spider-Man, the Avengers, and Batman. But it wasn’t until he met Michael Williams, of Glory Tabernacle Church in Bridgeton, that he thought seriously of creating a book.

Williams visits the mission once every three months to talk with the residents about improving their life through God. He goes with a group from his church called Victorious Living Ministry and with a national program called Iron Sharpens Iron. The latter’s name is taken from Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Williams has conquered his own demons and written about his journey. His first book was “Pushed Out the Crack House into God’s House,” about how he broke free of drug addiction and repeated incarceration by giving himself to God.

Queen had been living with his mom in Philadelphia, and after a falling out with her returned to Atlantic City in January with no job and nowhere to live. So he went to the mission, where he met Williams, an experienced self-published author who could help him make his book a reality.

“I was feeling down and God showed me he’s blessing me. God said, ‘It’s not the end,’” said Queen, a former casino security worker. “If I had not been homeless, I never would have gotten this opportunity.”

Williams said he and his wife, Lernell, who also visited the mission, both noticed Queen.

“He was so focused, I was drawn to him,” Lernell Williams said.

“He stuck out to me,” Michael Williams said. “Something said I was supposed to do something to help this man.”

The two struck up a friendship, and Williams coached Queen through the process of getting his manuscript ready for publication. In return, Michael Williams asks that Queen help someone else someday.

Queen is still trying to find a job and his own place to live, he said. But meanwhile he is spending his time writing with childhood friends Kevin Martin, Ryan Ross and Nigel Frazier, all of Atlantic City. He’s already finished a second novel and is working on a third, and is encouraging his friends to write their own books.

“We’re all in it together,” Queen said.

Queen’s book, “Maven Bloodmoon,” is available through in print and on Kindle and through The list price is $10.50.

Williams’ four books, “Pushed Out the Crack House into God’s House,” “The Minor Adjustments Workbook,” “The 28 Sermons You Have to Hear,” and  The Journey is too great for you,” also are available at this websites.

About Michael L. Williams Jr

Michael L. Williams, Jr. is a minister, renowned abuse counselor, and ten-times published author, he is a solicitor of those struggling with drug addiction and criminal lifestyle and inclinations.

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