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Anywhere but Backward

Minor Adjustments is dedicated to preventing and reducing crimes. Our primary purpose is to teach men or women how to make the “Minor Adjustments” that are necessary for their lives, which will allow them to ‘OBTAIN’ and ‘MAINTAIN’ a productive lifestyle after incarceration or rehabilitation!

I love a good story, especially a true story.  I am always interested in all types of different people from different walks of life. I am as interested in their mess-ups as well as their successes.  I want to know how they ended up where they are or how they fell from where they were.  This short story is about two different men that ended up at the same place for two different reasons, one was young and reckless, and the other one was old and wise.  The young man got locked up in the early ’90s for selling drugs in his community and ended up in prison at ‘Mountain Youth Correctional Facility, and due to him living so far from there he received a “Visit Hardship Transfer” which landed him in Riverfront State Prison, now once he got there he was put into a cell with this older inmate whom we will call “Mr. Mike”, now this older man first got to know the younger man to find out what crimes he committed and also to found out how much time he had to do. Then he explained to the younger man that he was in prison for “murder and that he was never going home.”

So as the years are going by Mr. Mike would always take parts of his day and talk to this young man and tell the young man that he has to change his direction about what to do with his life “inside prison” and not to wait until he got home to try and change his course.  So the time came for the young man to be paroled and ‘Mr. Mike’ just kept reminding him about what he told him and said to the young man ‘Remember, if you keep committing crimes they will keep locking you up and sooner or later they will lose the keys that they locked you up with.

So about six months go by, and the young man was returning to R.F.S.P. with new charges and with another sentence to do. And you wouldn’t believe it, but guess who was still there? Mr. Mike!  So the two never got to be in the room again, but they would always sit and talk about life inside and outside the prison, the young man would sit and listen to Mr. Mike and hear every word spoken out his mouth and the younger man was amazed at the fact that Mr. Mike would have his back to the person he was playing in the chess at the same time giving the young man some knowledge about life, Mr. Mike would just ask his competitor what move they just made and he would instruct someone to move his pieces to ‘so and so’ and he would win all day that way.  Again the years went by, and now the young man was being paroled to a halfway house, and Mr. Mike would say to the young man ‘remember what I said.’  So the young man went to the halfway house and messed around and got sent back to prison because of violating the rules, so he went to Northern State Prison (Ad-Seg) to do his time and then after he finished his time they sent him back to R.F.S.P. and again Mr. Mike was still there. So as always they would sit and talk, and the young man would listen and watch Mr. Mike playing chess, so one day Mr. Mike told the young man to play basketball on his team, so the young man was on the basketball team Mr. Mike coached, and they won championships together and the years went past and it came a time again for the young man to be paroled.

So he goes home and does the same thing and received more time for selling drugs and robbery, but by this period they had built a new prison in Bridgeton N.J. called South Woods State Prison. So the young man was sent there and if he didn’t have anything consistent in his life it was his repeated failure and Mr. Mike because Mr. Mike was at S.W.S.P. and out of all the things that Mr. Mike told the young man from the years they were together it was what he said to the young man this time that changed him forever. Mr. Mike said to him “All I want is one chance at getting out of prison and you have received multiple chances and didn’t cherish them.” That young man was eventually released from S.W.S.P in 2005 and went through the Bo Robinson Program and then he was sent to a Kintock Group and after there he graduated from America’s Keswick Colony of Mercy in 2010, but he never returned to that lifestyle again and the reason why he never returned was because of the Grace of God, and because of what he learned from Mr. Mike and in those programs, he finally applied all of it to his life and he made the “Minor Adjustments” in his life that were necessary and that same young man is who you have standing before you today.  Mr. Michael Mickey Williams, Jr.


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About Michael L. Williams Jr

Michael L. Williams, Jr. is a minister, renowned abuse counselor, and ten-times published author, he is a solicitor of those struggling with drug addiction and criminal lifestyle and inclinations.

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