Bible Devotional

Your Purpose Is Greater Than Your Struggles


Do you wake up every day not wanting to just exist, but wanting to live on purpose? Do you wholeheartedly want to please God, but knowing that you struggle in a particular area you don’t feel worthy to do what God has called you to do? Learn from author Michael L. Williams Jr. that the things you struggle with are the only things powerful enough to ignite your purpose!

What are you struggling with today?

Is it a sickness? Is it other people’s opinions? Is it an identity crisis? Is it unbelief? Is it a sin? Is it loneliness? Is it gambling? Is it rejection? Is it pornography? Is it insecurity? Is it debt? Is it prostitution? Is it drugs or alcohol? Is it anger? Is it Satan?

No matter what your struggle may be, always remember that your purpose is greater than your struggle! 

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