Bible Devotional

Minor Adjustments: “Anywhere But Backward”


If you are in bondage to something and it seems that you can’t overcome it, then this plan was designed with you in mind. Michael Williams Jr. was in bondage to drugs for 22 years, then one day he totally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit then led him to make some “Minor Adjustments,” which he recorded with the hope that it’ll help you in your deliverance.

If you are going to get something you never got, you will have to do something you never did. Mr. Williams said that the first time he used a chainsaw; he would cut everything in sight. He would cut the trees that were standing up, lying down in the dirt, or wherever. But the chain would get dull quickly. He would get it sharpened and start to cut some more, but the same thing would happen: the chain would get dull again. Then this older gentleman told him that the reason why the chain is getting dull is that he was letting it hit the DIRT. So he learned that to make it work how it was designed, he had to make some MINOR ADJUSTMENTS.

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